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In this sector, we are focused on providing the most optimal solutions, even when the conditions are challenging. In accordance with the strategy of the company, we are focused on offering these solutions in line with the  innovative engineering technologies and technical implementation conditions.

Residential Buildings

Our success and growth to date is based upon our core values of quality, a collaborative approach and best practice. Recognised through a number of national awards, we are widely acknowledged for our outstanding customer service, attention to detail, project implementation, innovation and continuous improvement. Our aim is to continue to play a key role in contributing to the future of the Albania’s built environment.

 Educational Buildings

We endeavours to link the provision of Education facilities to outcomes for young people through inspirational projects and through our Building Awareness campaign. We are committed to providing the highest quality facilities and environments in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors where students can excel.

Public Buildings

As in the above fields, we have also developed other facilities with public carpenters such as public squares and rehabilitation of city centers, construction of government buildings such as municipalities, prisons etc.


This section covers conventional road civil engineering projects and highways. Typical schemes include new road builds, bridge repairs and reconstruction and earthworks. We are specialized in complex structures and has made a significant contribution towards improving the transportation infrastructure in the Albanian national road network.

Some of our clients include Albanian Development Fund, World Bank, Albanian Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunications, etc. We are dedicated in meeting client targets on quality and deadlines.


With a long experience in the field of water supply infrastructure and modern irrigation systems, we have provided a very important contribution to the development of this infrastructure.


The requirements of contemporary works inspired the development of its own production of construction materials. We have our own raw material base, high-capacity production of stone aggregates and concrete.

In the last twenty years, our company has constantly updated our production of stone aggregates and concrete. A group of experts responsible for the development and introduction of new technology and new mixtures of concrete. 

Production of concrete

Production takes place in its own concrete batching, which are located at the sources of raw materials and factories for the manufacture of concrete products. 
Batching are equipped with devices for automatic dosage to ensure quality production of concrete in accordance with the major international standards.



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