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We are totally committed to reducing the impact of our activities around nature and in operating in the safest way possible. In this regard we have devised our own Carbon Calculator to measure carbon emissions with a view to driving these down. We are embarking on our long term vision of achieving zero environmental and safety incidents and in offering health advice and regular check-ups to all our employees. 

By demonstrating such determination, we are one of the only Albanian construction companies located to minimize nature disruption and think about the future. We fully intend to monitor our performance against a raft of exacting criteria and report on an annual basis the progress we have made.

Community obligations are taken very seriously indeed. For the duration of a project we effectively become part of the community and as a matter of course we meet with local groups and interact with community centers.

We have engineered, managed, and built complex projects of the modern era especially in Tirana by bringing an innovative view on construction and paying particular attention to the context and the urban area. What we do is try to focus on delivering the highest levels of quality, safety, sustainability, performance, and value to our customer but also by offering excellent solutions. 

We regard sustainability as our responsibility to enhance the positive effects of our projects where possible and avoid or mitigate the potentially negative ones. We believe that we are not just delivering a physical asset to our customers and communities  but also creating an enabling environment that will benefit them in the long term.



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